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Q. When is the pick up and drop off?

Camp starts at 8am, although the children will play at the park until 9am. That gives parents the full hour to drop off their children without having to worry about any traffic coming in. Camp ends at 4pm, so pick up would be from 3:45-4pm, with the option for extended hours until 5:30pm.

Q. Will the children be sharing their Lego sets?

No, each child is given their own individual Lego set, science experiment set, and STEM activities set.

Q. Will the camp have pool time?

No, the closest pool is closed due to Covid-19. Although do not worry, there will be a lot of time spent outside, and lots of water provided. In the event of a heatwave or rain, the children will play and learn inside our brand-new, ventilated, and air-conditioned facility.

Q. What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel the camp and it’s 2 weeks before - you will receive a full refund. For every cancellation which is less than 14 days before the camp starts the cancellation fee: 100 CAD will apply. The rest of the amount will be credited for a future use. If the reason for cancellation is related to Covid or health problems you will receive a full credit to apply towards our programs.

Q. What if my child has allergies? Can they go to this camp?

Absolutely! We proudly maintain a nut free environment and when you register with us, one of the documents you will be asked to fill out is an allergy form so that we can keep aware of all allergies.

Q. Will the lessons make the camp too hard?

Not at all! While we do pride ourselves on our educational component, the children will be having too much fun to even realize just how much they are learning. We do our best to make sure the children learn by doing, and what children do best is playing!

Q. What if my child has a runny nose?

For our Covid-19 Protocols, please see:

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