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For Tutors and teachers

Advantages of teaching with STEM School INVENTOR

We offer ready-to-use online lessons with LEGO! Any teacher can quickly and easily start classes without having a programming experience. Everything you need to conduct classes is - LEGO set and access to our platform. On the platform, you will find more than 100 different lessons, and each lesson can be completed within 60-120 minutes. Teacher's materials include: a lesson plan, a presentation, step-by-step instructions for building a robot, a model diagram with a detailed description of the mechanisms as well as detailed programming instructions.

Smartbus, Space Craft, Strong Lift, Crane, Harvester, Dinosaurs, Batmobile, Northern Express and many more interesting LEGO models are available on our platform! Whether you want to enrich your existing curriculum or want to start your robotic classes - we have something for you!

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Construction Set - is the main set that is used for our lessons. It has all you need - 280 different LEGO bricks, electronic components (smarthub, medium motor) and different sensors. If you don't have this set yet, you can additionally purchase it in our shop.


Ideally for one-on-one classes


Comprehensive solution for teaching kids programming


Great variety of step by step robotic lessons

Prices and plans for tutors and teachers


 1 month  

  • 1 teacher account
  • Unlimited access to 3 lessons




3 months

  • 1 teacher account
  • Access to 12 lessons of your choice*
  • 300 passes** for your students
  • BONUS: 30% off for first purchase

212 148 CAD (one-time payment)



1 year

  • 1 teacher account
  • Unlimited access to all existing and future lessons (150+)*
  • Unlimited number of students
  • BONUS: 30% off for first purchase

846 592 CAD (one-time payment)


* LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Construction Set is required. If you don't have it, you can order it additionally in our shop. Please, note, that without the LEGO Education Set the teacher won’t be able to teach and the child won't be able to study
** 1 pass opens a 7-day access to the lesson for 1 student

Step 1.
After purchasing the chosen package (Kick Start or Premium) you will receive an email with the link to download the software and your activation code
Step 2.
Download the app, install it and enter your personal details to activate the account. Please, note, you can activate your account only on one device
Step 3.
In the right upper corner you will see the number of keys available for you and number of passes available for your students. 1 key unlocks 1 lesson, 1 pass opens a lesson for 1 student!
If you have chosen Kick Start package go to the Store, choose the lessons and press "Unlock". You will have 3 months until the unlocked lesson expires. Remember, 1 key unlocks 1 lesson!
We would suggest to unlock the whole curriculum at once instead of choosing lesson by lesson. All our curriculums have 12 modular lessons and are specifically designed for step-by-step learning
If you have chosen Premium package all the lessons will be automatically added to your account and you will have 365 days until they expire
Step 4.
Go to the section Students to create classrooms, add your students and open lessons for them
Step 5.
In the section Students you can open lesson for your students by sharing passes with them. Just enter student's email, first and last name, choose the lesson that you want to share and click "share lesson". Appropriate amount of passes will be withdrawn from your account and students will see the shared lesson in the section "Clasroom". Remember - 1 pass opens a maximum 7-day access for 1 student.
Step 6.
When necessary click "unlock more" in the upper right corner to purchase more keys or more passes
Our suggestions:
Unlock the whole curriculum at once instead of unlocking lesson by lesson. All our curriculums have 12 modular lessons and are specifically designed for step-by-step learning
Enjoy your journey into fascinating world of Robotics with LEGO Education!

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