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Our Team

Our teachers are mentors who:

  • Genuinely enjoy working with children
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to focus on children’s interests
  • Treat each child as an individual with valuable ideas and opinions
  • Ask children about their dreams, and offer support and motivation
  • Explain how the world works and ask children what they want to with it
  • Help children learn how to focus their minds and think deeply to solve problems
  • Provide feedback after every lesson
  • Love being part of this team
  • Are always finding ways to keep learning and developing themselves

Interested in employment with Inventor STEM School?

We welcome teaching applications from both experienced educators and STEM enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge with the next generation. We offer fair compensation, training, and opportunities for professional growth. Learn more about current teaching and administrative openings by contacting us.

Our Team Our Team
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