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Let's meet! We, INVENTOR STEM School, love children, science, innovation and creativity!

It is our vocation to make children's dreams a reality, to transform the game into learning, to light the passionate and inquisitive eyes of students.

We are STEM educators whose main goal is to make the science of science and science interesting and understandable for children. Our mission is to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics together to make concepts and phenomena that are complex at first glance more accessible to children. With STEM, we get a tool for creating startups, scientific discoveries, educating people for the realities of the future, applying them in school education.


We offer a great chance to start your career in a friendly team. We regularly play board games, get together for sports races, work together in English (the company helps with this) and are happy to welcome newcomers to our team.

You will find interesting training, decent pay, professional growth, mentoring support and the opportunity to fully showcase your talents.

We invite you to join our creative and creative team.