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School Policies

Annex 2
to the Educational Services Agreement
Extracurricular Education (hereinafter referred to as the Treaty)



1.1. Subject to signing the Application for joining the Contract on the basis of payment for the relevant STEM Subscription, the INVENTOR school shall enroll the Child in the appropriate STEM age group of the INVENTOR school.
1.2. Classes are held according to the STEM schedule of INVENTOR. The STEM administration of the INVENTOR school may change the schedule by notifying the Customer Service in advance. Children are allowed only by appointment.
1.3. It is necessary to bring the Child to class in 10 minutes. before it started. It takes 5 minutes to pick up the baby. before the end of the class.
1.4. Preschoolers are only allowed to wear removable shoes or socks.
1.5. Parents are required to alert the STEM Administrator of the INVENTOR School about the inability to pick up the Child on time.
1.6. It is impossible to bring children with signs of illness to class. If the administrator / teacher reveals signs of malaise in the child, such persons have the right not to allow the child to study.


2.1. After signing the Application form, the customer is entitled to pay only the first trial lesson or the relevant Subscription: STEM-block (4 lessons), STEM-module (18 lessons), STEM-year (subscription for one academic year from September to May inclusive ).
2.2. After payment of the trial lesson or the corresponding Subscription, the Administrator is obliged to issue a receipt to the Customer of the service confirming the payment. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend the Customer to keep receipts for payment of classes until the end of the academic year.
2.3. The Annual Child Subscription is valid only at the STEM school INVENTOR where it was purchased.
2.4. Annual Subscription is valid from September 1st to May 31st. In case of early termination by the Customer of services of receiving educational services under the Annual Subscription, the cost of the paid Annual Subscription shall not be refunded, but shall be counted as penalties.
2.5. If you purchase a yearly subscription to one of the courses, the child can be transferred to another course. With: - if the annual subscription to the course for which the Child is transferred, with a lower cost than the previously purchased annual subscription, the difference is not refundable; - if the annual Subscription to the course for which the Child is transferred is of a higher value than the previously purchased Annual Subscription, then during such transfer you will need to make a single payment in the amount of the corresponding difference between the cost of the Annual Subscriptions. 2.6. The right to use the relevant Subscription belongs only to the Child to whom the corresponding Subscription has been acquired, it is forbidden to transfer Subscriptions to third parties.
2.7. A child who does not have a paid Subscription is not allowed to attend. The INVENTOR school STEM computer system automatically removes such a student from the group list.
2.8. You can resume training at the request of the Customer and if there are vacancies in groups after the Client fulfills the services of his financial obligations.
2.9. If the child misses classes for valid reasons, such a child may, at the initiative of the Customer Service, complete the training within 2 (two) months from the date of the pass, subject to early notification to the STEM school INVENTOR administration, but not later than May 31, 2019 and only if they continue their education. main group.
2.10. The child misses lessons with the other group only if there are vacancies in the group.
2.11. Courses where a student misses for good reasons are transferred but not completed, are granted the right to carry out a certain number of transfers during the period of paid employment.


3.1. Responsibility for the life and health of the child before and after the classes is borne by the Customer, during the lesson - by the Course Manager.
3.2. In STEM school INVENTOR is not allowed to run, talk loudly, incl. by phone. Cell phones need to be silenced.
3.3. Communication within the STEM school of INVENTOR is based solely on the basis of mutual respect and tolerance for the needs of others, without using profanity and degrading the dignity of another person.
3.4. It is forbidden to bring food and drink with you at STEM INVENTOR.
3.5. It is necessary to keep clean and order in the STEM school INVENTOR, do not leave your things, used glasses, wrappers and more.
3.6. During snowy and rainy weather you need to wear shoe covers when entering STEM.
3.7. Children's carts, bicycles, sleds, etc. cannot be brought to school.
3.8. You can't go to school with animals.
3.9. The administration is not responsible for keeping things forgotten, lost, and left unattended.
3.10. Failure to comply with the INVENTOR STEM rules will result in the INVENTOR STEM administration reserves the right to deduct the child.

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