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An optimal learning environment where
children are happy and thrive.

We understand:

  • How the mind acquires new knowledge, and how kids learn and use information
  • That learning through play is conducive for skills development and knowledge acquisition
  • Students retain knowledge and develop habits of mind through practice

We use:

  • Real-world contexts to provide relevance
  • Hands-on construction/creation
  • Application to real-world problems and open-ended questions
  • Reflection to deepen learning and self-awareness

We build brick-by-brick:

  • Focusing on each child’s growth as well as their contributions to the larger group
  • Structuring lessons to build on each other and nurture engagement
  • Recognizing and teaching to multiple intelligences, and modeling a growth mindset
  • Activating motivation with positive reinforcement, personalized feedback, and gamification
Our methodology
Our methodology
Our methodology
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