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33 schools
around the world

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For children from
3 to 16+ years old

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Education with
LEGO and Minecraft

Weekday and weekend options for every age (3-16)
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for parents
  • Get ready for school and develop self-confidence
  • Practice communicating with other children, and thinking creatively
  • Gain basic knowledge about the world around them
for tutors
  • Learn to work in a team, and to present and defend their projects
  • Gain basic technological literacy and programming skills
  • Master abstract and critical thinking
for schools
  • Execute and defend technical projects as part of a team
  • Learn how to develop a project step-by-step - from idea to outcome
  • Create their first web page and learn the basics of C and C++ programming languages

4 competencies, developed through the STEM-oriented approach


The child learns to search for different ways of solving problems, going beyond templates.

Scientific and
technological literacy

Starting from simple LEGO designs and finishing with programmed robots, the child learns step-by-step, mastering the basics of physics, mechanics and programming.

4 competencies

Critical thinking

The child learns to rely on facts and to test their assumptions in practice. This is how logical thinking skills are formed, based on knowledge of patterns.

Teamwork and

Under the supervision of a teacher, children learn to work as a team, negotiate, and collaborate to solve complex problems.

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What Inventor parents and students are saying



Our child isn't sociable at all, I would even say, that he is a little bit wild, but at Inventor he found his first friends. He is spending a lot of time near the computer, like before, but his brain is working at the same time. While building robots he learns the laws of physics and how everything in the world works. I also like that at Inventor children are working in teams. They learn how to divide tasks and how to cooperate with each other. This knowledge will definitely help them in their adult life. Another awesome thing is that in the end children present their project and explain what they have been doing, what experiments they conduct and what is their final result.


Our child came to INVENTOR in the middle of the school year, because his friend was studying there. I like that all the lessons are built on LEGO Education software and this is a very solid, well-known and trustable platform. The children are not just playing with LEGO, they are creating WHILE playing. At school children usually work individually and here my child can learn how to be a team member. He knows that if you work together you will achieve something. Also, at INVENTOR my child understood why he needs to study and this is a core advantage for me, as a parent.


I love LEGO because I can create anything with the help of it. Our teacher is very nice, kind and positive and I like her so much! If I could I would study here all days long.


I am creative and always have very different ideas. Sometimes I want to build a two wheeled car, and sometimes I wish I could build a car for myself from LEGO! I found a true friend here, at INVENTOR. We like to work together. We can combine our two completely different ideas and make one project together. When it's not possible to combine our ideas we are creating something new from scratch. At first it was hard to present the project to other people, I was a little bit shy, but with time I got used to it and now I feel more confident.
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