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The Inventor Story


At the beginning of our history of creation was a great Dream. The dream is that learning will be great fun with a circle of friends who are also excited about new discoveries and unlimited opportunities. For the children who study at our school to find their favorite teachers, and these sorcerers of knowledge acquaint them with the wonderful world of knowing the unknown and incredibly interesting. And then one Dream can turn into thousands of other Dreams. And we will learn how to turn Dreams into works, and to make the process of cognition last a lifetime - because it is so much more interesting!

Go beyond interesting - when you learn new every day and it inspires you!

Go beyond interesting - when you find true friends, and that's for life!

Go beyond interesting - when your ideas can change the world for the better!

Go beyond interesting - when the teacher is your best mentor and mastermind!

Go beyond interesting - when your parents are proud of your every achievement!

Go beyond interesting - when the whole world is before you, and you boldly go to meet him!

Go beyond interesting - because you feel like you are the Inventor of your life!

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