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Cancellation policies

Please, note, the cancellation policies below apply only to our after school programs.
To learn more about our camp cancellation policies, visit this page -

Whole Purchase Cancellation Policy

If the entire purchased order (whether by block/module or year) is cancelled with a two week notice (14 days or more before the first class), Inventor STEM School will issue a full refund of the purchase price, minus the processing and cancellation fees. This fee is not paid to the school but rather to the payment processing platform and is a fee of approximately 3-5%. For cancellations made a less than 2 weeks (14 days) from the first class, Inventor STEM School will transfer the full amount to the family credit account. The family credit can be used for future evening or weekend after school programs or camps.

Class Cancellation Policy

In the case of an absence, students may be eligible to do a make-up class to work on the topic they missed. Please be advised, that students will be eligible for a make-up class only with a minimum 24+ hour notice (via phone call or email). We do not offer any credits/refunds for notices given less than 24 hours before the class, or for absences without any notice at all.

*Please, note that due to the nature and structure of some of our courses, we may not be able to offer a make-up lesson. If this is the case, the amounts paid are non-refundable.

See the list of eligibility for make-up courses below.

*Weather conditions - please, note, that weather conditions do not fall under our cancellation policies, unless Inventor STEM School cancels the classes, any lessons missed due to weather conditions are non-refundable.

Illness – No refunds will be given for classes missed due to illness

Make-up Policy

A make-up lesson is offered to children who have missed a class and have given appropriate notice (see above). Our team will do their best to find an available spot that is convenient to the parent’s schedule, our schedule/availabilities, and within the timeline of the semester.

* Please, note that the make-up lesson for a missed class can only be scheduled once. If the child misses their make-up class, the amount paid is non-refundable and no further make-up will be offered.

Courses Eligible for a make-up Class

Early Development

Make-up classes with another group are possible, however, due to the lesson structure, children will be following the same lesson as the other group.

Science in your world; Fun with engineering; Mechanics for beginners; Robotics for Beginners; Robotics with Scratch; Programming with Spike Prime; Mindstorms Robotics:

Make-up classes with another group are possible (depending on the availability of the other groups). Children will be working on the specific topic they have missed.

Courses not eligible for a make-up lesson

Programming with Scratch Junior; Discovering the world with Minecraft; Programming with Minecraft; Architecture, Game Development:

Due to the structure of these courses, make-up classes are not possible. In case of absence of these classes, the amounts paid are non-refundable.


*Please note: We will always do our best to accommodate and provide make-up lessons in the case of notified absence and course eligibility. However, if there are no available time slots, if the groups are full, or if the times suggested are not convenient for the parents' schedule, the amounts paid are non-refundable**

*Please note: In the case that Inventor STEM School is cancels a class due to weather conditions or teacher's absence, the amount will be transferred to your family credit account with Inventor STEM School, which can be used towards any of our evening/weekend after school programs or camps.

Last updated January 2023