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COVID-19 Policy

How is Inventor STEM School fighting against COVID-19 and protecting its students?

Below are the measures we’ve set in place to ensure a healthy and safe environment for everyone at our School:

• We keep small ratios of kids depending on their age group which means more safety, more personalized lessons, and more fun:
    • STEM Junior groups (up to 8 kids in the group)
    • STEM Middle and Senior groups (up to 12 kids in the group)
• All the kits, systems and LEGO pieces are disinfected with the help of special electrostatic device in the end of each day
• No parents are allowed to enter the classrooms to minimize traffic at our facility. They are meeting kids in our spacious reception area.
• Before the class we always wash our hands, and we teach kids how to do it properly
• All of our forms and documents are and signed electronically to help limit the spread of the virus
• We have a brand-new facility with fantastic new ventilation and air conditioners
• In the case of symptoms related to COVID-19 or close contact with someone who has tested positive, parents will need to provide the school with their child’s negative COVID test result before returning to continue their lessons

We always follow all the regulations set by the ACQ, CNESST and Quebec government.

As for the mask policy at our facility, it is not currently mandatory for anyone to wear a mask, and it is left up to the discretion of the individual. We ask that if someone opts to wear or not wear their mask, that all choices will be respected.

Let’s work together to keep our center covid-free and safe!

Last updated 13th of July 2022

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